The first thing that most people notice when they look at you are your eyebrows. Perfectly groomed eyebrows pulls your look together in a snap, you don’t even need a full face of makeup to stand out.

These simple beauty tips can help you easily and quickly “beautify” your brows and make your makeup look neat, elegant and clean.


While you’re shaping your eyebrows, never pencil in your whole brow, and fill in the “gaps” and empty spaces.


Use a sharp brow pencil and work in with light strokes, using only the tip of the pencil. Avoid using hard and thick lines on your brows. That is just not cute and does not look natural, in case you didn’t know.


For neat and clean eyebrows, apply concealer all around your brows to emphasize their shape, using a small slanted concealer brush.


Make sure to blend for a natural and clean look.


To finish your perfect brows, apply eyebrow fixing gel if you have unruly hairs.


If you don’t have brow gel, you can also spray some hairspray on a clean spooley and brush your brows upwards and outwards.


You’ll look more put together and feel beautiful. Krush On Your Beauty!