Brand Affiliates

Brand Affiliate Program

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Who is a Krush Beauty Brand Affiliate?


A Krush Beauty Brand Affiliate is someone:


  • who has developed a strong desire for ones self beauty
  • loves social media
  • loves to vlog or blog
  • has a love for her hair extensions and for changing up her hairstyle
  • has an eye for fashion and style
  • has a sense of creativity and confidence when it comes to her hair
  • LOVES Krush Beauty’s Premium Virgin Hair

Why should I become a Krush Beauty Brand Affiliate?


  • Enjoy EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on our products.
  • You will receive your own coupon code.
  • Get to preview and be the first to tryout out new Krush Beauty products
  • You will receive 20% commission in sales.
  • Weekly payouts via PayPal.
  • Social Media friendly. You can post to any of your favorite social media accounts.

How do I become a Krush Beauty Brand Affiliate?


To be considered to become a Krush Beauty Brand Affiliate, please send an email to krushbeautyllc@gmail.comĀ and include the following:


  • A headshot of you wearing our hair
  • A full length photo showing your style
  • A short video featuring you, and why you love our hair!
  • #krushonyourhair #krushbeauty #krushonyourbeauty