How To Wear False Lashes

I never thought that I would be “that girl” to wear lash strips. Honestly, in the beginning, I was totally against it.

I feel in love with being able to change the way my eyes looked with out having to make a drastic physical change.

It still took time for me to buy them, because I was a fan of lash extensions and you could not tell me anything different. After a while, of not being able to make appointments, or no openings, or finding a good lash technician to be available at my every call, I finally made my way into a local beauty supply and purchased a pair of lashes.

The next step after getting your lashes is how to apply them. I often here women say “But I don’t know how to put them on”.

Keep reading to find the right lash application and style for you.

Eye Shape

Make sure to take note of your eye shape-not all eyes were created equal (lol).

Take note of some of the most common eye shapes below:

Almond Eyes:

Think Janet Jackson and Cleopatra.

If you look straight into the mirror and you realize that a part of your iris disappears under your eyelid, then your eyes are almond shaped. You can also just use an actual almond to reference your eye shape.

Protruding Eyes:

Think Mya and Nicole Richie.

If your eyelids look like they are protruding out of your eye socket or there is a slight bulge around your eyelid, then this is your eye shape. You should keep in mind that volume on your top lid is an asset!

Downturned Eyes:

Consider Eva Longoria and Katy Perry.

If the outer corners of your eyes drop down slightly and you are consistently able to pull off a sultry cat eye, then this is your eye shape.

Upturned Eyes:

Think Angelina Jolie and Tiffany Hines.

If your eyes appear to be the exact opposite of its counterpart the downturned eye; your outer corner will seem to have a slight lift, and your lower lid can sometimes look more significant than your top eyelid.

Close Set Eyes:

This is more Jennifer Aniston.

If your eyes appear to be less than one eye length apart, this is you!

Wide Set Eyes:

Think Brandy and Former First Lady, Jackie O. This eye type is the exact opposite of the close-set eyes.

You can prove that you have this eye shape if your eyes are more than one eye length apart. A plus in regards to this amount of spacing between your eyes is it can help give the illusion of youth.

If you would like to create the illusion of close-set eyes or narrow some of the space between your two eyes, you will have to stack on the lashes closer to your inner eye.

These are only a few eye shapes, but be sure to research and find out your eye shape before practicing these eyelash strip application and styling techniques below. Whether you are sporting lash strips of individuals, you ought to know where to place your lashes and how to finesse the best look for you!


Removing the lash strips from their case is a very sensitive task!

If you rush the job or pull the lashes from the middle of the box outward, you could ruin the inner lash. Instead, tease the lash out of the box with some tweezers and roll or pull from the outer band of the lash strip.

Most lash strips are too long for the average eye anyway, so you can afford to ruin the outer tip of the lash since you are more than likely going to snip that off anyway!

Shape & Measure

Next, wrap the vein of the eyelash around your pinky finger or the body of an eyeliner pencil.

Do this for three to five minutes! This hack will add shape and curl to the body of the lash. Now the eyelash is not so stiff and straight when you go about applying it to the lash. Sidebar: If you have ever wonder why the outer and inner corners of your lashes always seem to pop up at the most inopportune time, it is because you missed this step.

Finally, take the lash and measure its length against your upper lid. Use this time to rid yourself of any excess lashes that do not fit on your eyelid. Cut the lashes off of the strip by cutting through the vein of the lash from the outside.

Be careful not to cut off the lashes you need.

Application/Style Tips

Now that we’ve got the basics of shaping and measuring down, here is the fun part: application and customization!

Because the lashes are a foreign object that you are placing on your natural lashes you may want to coat your natural lashes with some mascara. Doing this will help your lashes support the weight of their new friends, especially if your lashes are naturally thin!

However, I am big on preserving the health of my natural lashes. I did not want to risk drying them out or making them brittle with the use of mascara. Putting something on top of my natural lashes before applying lash strips just seemed to be a bit too much.

When you are typically going to put on false eyelashes you want to key in on three things:

1. You want to ensure that you use a thin line of glue on the eyelash band. No one wants to glue their eyelids shut because globs of glue escaped the applicator.

2. After applying the glue to your lash, wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky before try to administer it to your lash. However, it is not sanitary to blow on the lash. You could transfer germs from your mouth to your eye and this begging for an infection.

3. It is easiest to apply the false lash strip where the bulk of your lashes rest, in the center of the eyelid. Then adhere the outer or inner edge of the false lash to your natural lash.

Keep these three things in mind and use these styles tips below to cater to your eye type and wear your lashes the right way!

Style Tip #1

For all of the ladies with downturned or close-set eyes, this style tip is for you! Once you have unboxed, shaped, and measured your lash strip cut each of your lashes in half.

Then take the equivalent of one lash and separate it into two pieces. You can apply one half to the outer lash line of your left eye and one half to the outer lash line of your right eye. This style tip helps you to lift the outer edges of your eyes by creating a cat eye effect while still giving you natural volume and length to your lashes.

It also makes for a more comfortable application, and not to mention, you are getting double the wears out of one set of lash strips.

You can use this same tactic if you have wide-set eyes. Reverse it! Remember, you need to create the illusion of less space between your eyes. Do this by adding a single lash half to the top of your inner eyelash line.

You can go as close to the tear duct as you would like because that narrows the space between the two eyes.

Style Tip #2

If you happen to have almond shaped eyes, you can easily apply you lash strip center first and then smooth the lash strip onto your inner eye.

When you begin to smooth the faux lash over your outer lid, go slightly above your natural lash line, and it will create a slight lift!

Style Tip #3

Faux lash strips are pre-made and every drug store carries the same ten lash styles, you can make your very own custom set of lash strips by stacking the lashes on top of each other.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1.

Grab a thick band of lashes that speaks to your inner diva, and a thin band of lashes that speaks to you the corporate powerhouse inside you.

After shaping and measuring each set of lashes place them back in their lash case but keep your lash glue handy!

Step 2.

Turn to your thick band of lash strips and line the band with a thin layer of lash glue or hair glue and let it sit for about thirty seconds. Remember, this wait time is crucial for a tacky base!

Step 3.

Then pull your thick band lashes from the case and place each lash on top of its respective thick band counterpart!

When it sticks, you can rest assured that these two lashes have become one and created a beautiful lash strip! To ensure that neither lash goes anywhere you can add a little glue to the outer edges of the top lash band.

There you go, now you are officially stacked! This method is perfect for anyone who likes full top lashes or has that protruding eye shape mentioned earlier. It will bring the attention up and widen your eyes. Feel free to stack three pairs together as well and recreate a Kardashian look.

Style Tip #4

The last style tip I want to share is for those who may be a little more coin conscious.

I know that getting and installing individuals can be a bit of an expensive inconvenience because artificial eyelash prices are ridiculous. However, if you are comfortable with your lash strip and you find yourself working with them pretty well, you can create individual lashes.

Do this by using your laser vision to zoom in on the clusters apparent on each lash strip. Then separate each group of lashes by cutting at the vein of the lash.

Apply each cluster throughout your natural eyelash line to create a more natural layered effect and add volume where you feel you need it the most.


When you’re over your lashes and ready to give your natural eyelashes a break use a cotton ball and coconut oil to loosen the eyelash strip’s adhesive and, voila, you now know how to remove false eyelashes.

It is also vital that you wash your false lashes, you can use a simple mix of warm soapy water to disinfect them, and a tweezer to pull the excess glue for the eyelash band.

These methods of sanitation will keep them in good condition for your next wear!

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