Alissa Ashley Paying $700 To Hair Braider Causes Conflict

Bossip reports, Alissa Ashley, a popular YouTube creator and beauty influencer wanted to simply debut her new hairstyle yesterday but ended up devastating pocket watchers.

The hair was done by Beverly Hills stylist Dr. Kari Will, responsible for braiding famous heads like Willow Smith and Brandy. But Will isn’t just a hair braider, she is a trichologist (hair & scalp doctor) that actually CARES about her customer’s edges.

Alissa excitedly shared details about her new set of box braids with followers in her “I’m Not Bald Anymore” vlog. All hell broke loose when Alissa casually disclosed she paid $550 for the style to curious minds plus a tip. One viewer took the clip to Twitter to seemingly mock her and things started to spiral.

What’s the most you would pay for your box braids? What do you think 8 hours of carefully executed box braids should cost?? Thoughts…comment below.

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